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Sports Nutrition


Athletes that are serious about their sport are serious about their nutrition. The human body is an amazing organism, capable of more than most can imagine.

Today's nutrition landscape can be a complex one, but it doesn't have to be. Every week we hear about some new (processed) wonder food that will improve our athletic performance. As is often the case, these claims are rarely true. The truth is most foods that are best for our health and sport performance are simple whole foods that are prepared by us and eaten fresh.


This is your opportunity to cut through the hype and get a clear picture of what your body really needs to excel. Sustainable Nutrition is committed to providing you with the knowledge you need to enjoy optimal health and compete at your best in your chosen sport.


Triathletes have rigorous training schedules that often include multiple training sessions on the same day. Recovery nutrition and high energy intake throughout the day is paramount for these busy athletes if they want to perform at their best.


Few athletes spend as much time practicing their craft as swimmers. Excellent nutrition is a must for these dedicated athletes. Multiple strenuous daily workouts means recovery and immune health should be a priority. 

Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes need to pay close attention to both their daily nutrition as well as race day nutrition, both are key component to success. Fuelling on the go during events is essential, and must be carefully planned and executed for the day to end right. 

Youth Athletes

Young athletes benefit greatly from good eating habits. They are in a unique situation where the food they eat must fuel their body for sport, and support the healthy growth of a youngster to an adult. Good nutrition at this age can provide the foundation for a healthy life.

Vegan and Vegetarian Athletes

Vegan and vegetarian athletes are more prevalent than ever, and the ones that pay close attention to proper nutrition, including some supplementary needs,  receive the dual benefit of great performance and a diet that provides great health for a lifetime.  


Runners push their bodies to the limit. They require a well balanced diet of carbs, fat and protein to help them perform and recover, and they must be diligent about getting all the vitamins and minerals they need for their bodies to properly function.  


Extended time in the saddle is just part of cycling, and cyclists have to always be aware of their energy stores if they want to finish strong. Good nutrition before, during and after events are just a few of the special considerations for these athletes.

Team Sport Athletes

Team sport athletes deal with many unique challenges. Their sports are usually high intensity, and they can often have multiple competitions within the span of a few days. Sound nutrition is vital to support these vigorous  physical demands.

Masters Athletes

Masters athletes today are pushing the envelope of what was once thought possible. Special attention must be paid to the daily nutrition of these athletes to address proper nutrient intake, and to maintain both muscle mass and bone strength.

Free Sport Assessment

Free of Charge

Free 15 Minute
Sport Nutrition Assessment

This 15 minute no obligation introductory assessment allows us to discuss how functional nutrition can assist you in reaching your athletic goals. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and obtain the information you need to make a decision to move forward with additional sessions. This assessment can be conducted via phone or computer (Skype, FaceTme, Zoom).

 I will contact you to arrange this no obligation complementary session.

Sport Nutrition Program Pricing


Sport Nutrition Program

This program will fine-tune your nutrition so you get the most out of your workouts and compete at your best.


  • Three 1-hour sessions that will give you the tools and information you need to fuel your body:


Session 1  This is an information gathering session that focuses on you, your sport and any unique demands that need to be addressed for you to improve and perform. The information gathered will provide the foundation of your custom nutrition plan. You will be asked to submit a 3 day diet diary and in depth sport and nutrition questionnaire in advance of this session.  Other topics covered include:

  • Understanding the basics of nutrition

  • Understanding your energy needs

  • The importance of energy balance

Session 2  This session will use the information gathered in session 1 to start creating a nutrition plan that works for you. Topics covered will include:

  • Daily nutrition strategies for performance

  • Pre, during and post exercise nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Eating on the go


Session 3  This session will continue to provide information relevant to your athletic needs as we cover:

  • Nutrition at Competitions

  • Strengthening  immune health

  • The importance of sleep 

  • Sport and nutrition supplements

  • Taking responsibility for your health


Each session includes:

  • Information Fact Sheets that detail our session discussions

  •  Recipes that include nutrient breakdowns and grocery shopping lists


Sport Nutrition Program 

for Athletes with Unique Needs

The Sports Nutrition Program can be customized to consider the unique needs of the following athletes.


Included is a brief, but not exhaustive, example of some of the unique needs of these athlete groups.

  • Vegan athletes – meeting energy needs, B12, essential fatty acid and iron considerations

  • Vegetarian athletes – meeting energy and iron needs

  • Female endurance athletes – body composition for good health and special dietary needs

  • Youth athletes 12 – 17 years * - meeting energy demands for performance, growth and development with real food, vitamin D, calcium and iron intake

  • Masters athletes – meeting vitamin and mineral requirements, medications that interfere with nutrient bioavailability 

  • Marathon runners – healthy body composition, energy needs and iron

  • Triathletes – meal timing, managing energy balance with multiple session training days

  • Iron Distance triathletes – meal timing, immune health, fuel and fluids for training and racing, sleep

  • Runners – healthy body composition, iron needs

  • Swimmers – meal timing, managing energy balance with multiple session training days


            * Parents are welcome to attend

Additional Sport Consulting Rates

Additional Consulting Session Rates

Additional sessions will be scheduled as needed at the following rates.​

  • 30 minutes -  $75

  • 45 minutes -  $100

  • 60 minutes -  $125 


All prices include HST

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