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Sports Nutrition

Athletes push the envelope of human capacity to become stronger and faster. The athletes who learn how to do this successfully use a well designed training plan that includes a supporting nutrition plan that meets all daily energy and nutrient requirements. Nutrition planning allows athletes to move steadily toward their goals by supporting training adaptations, recovery, and good immune health, limiting unplanned training interruptions due to injury or illness.

The overwhelming source of nutrition, regardless of wether you are an athlete or not, should come from whole foods. In simple terms this means "foods that your great grandmother would recognize". Athletes have been bombarded with claims from nutrition supplement producers that tout the latest and greatest supplements that will help them take their game to the next level, however most of these claims are unsupported by any meaningful research. The truth is that there is overwhelming evidence that shows that our bodies perform best when we consume a diet that consists of a variety of whole fresh foods, one that provides us with the majority of the energy and nutrients we need. 

Sport science has evolved from the philosophy that doing the right thing nutritionally may help you, to understanding that doing the right thing nutritionally will help you.



Every athlete regardless of their sport, ability or commitment level can benefit from good nutrition. Youth athletes, masters athletes, male athletes and female athletes all have specific nutritional needs that must be addressed. Understanding the importance of energy balance, pre and post workout nutrition, athlete specific nutrient needs, healthy body composition, immune health and proper hydration are just some of the variables that an athlete must address to optimize their health and athletic performance.

Exercise and involvement in sport can reward us with everything from a feeling of great accomplishment to a lifetime of health and vitality, good eating habits help make this happen.

Let's work together to take your performance to the next level.

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