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Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Staying healthy in our modern industrialized world can be a difficult and confusing affair.  Many people  have experienced a genuine disconnect to our dependance on nature as the source of our nutrition, resulting in a society plagued with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and fatty liver disease. 


The food we eat, the environment we live in, and the physical and emotional stress we experience on a daily basis have a cumulative effect on our health. Chronic health issues do not arise quickly, they are slow to develop and often even slower to manifest in our daily lives, and when they do they are often complicated by other health issues that arise because the body has been taken out balance. Often these health issues are worsened as they are masked by medications that are not designed to treat the root cause of the issue, but rather mask the symptoms. 

"When a plant's leaves are turning yellow, you don't paint the leaves green.  You look at the cause of the problem. If only we treated our bodies the same way!"​
                            Dr. Frank Lipman

Understanding the healing power of nutrition is fundamental to good health. For millions of years our ancestors thrived on the foods of the earth and the nutrients they supplied to keep their bodies and minds healthy. It is only in recent history that our diets have been altered to a point that many of the foods we ingest are not food at all, but rather "food like" products that are manufactured and sold for the benefit of the processed food industry, not the people consuming them.  


Eating natural foods and living a balanced lifestyle are the keys to maintaining good health, but this isn't always easy in our hustle bustle world. Food decisions are often based on convenience rather than nutritional content, and the lack of time to dedicate to our physical and mental health all contribute to health issues that could be avoided.  We are exposed to more information than ever to help us in our quest to be healthy, but our society is sicker than ever.


Your health is an investment, not an expense. Although ,it will become an expense if you don't take the time to invest in it now.  


Free Hol. Nut. Assessment

Free of Charge

Free 15 Minute Nutrition Assessment

A 15 minute no obligation introductory session will allow us to discuss your current nutrition and lifestyle as it relates to your health goals. This session will allow you to ask any questions you may have, and will provide you with the information you need to make a decision about my ability to assist you in reaching your health goals. This assessment can be conducted via phone or computer (Skype, FaceTime).


I will contact to arrange this complementary no obligation session.

Hol Nut Prog Pricing


Holistic Nutrition Analysis

and Recommendations

This program includes an in depth analysis of your nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and overall well-being, and will provide you with the information you need to reach your health goals.


Two 1-hour sessions that will fine tune your nutrition habits:


Session 1 This is an information gathering session where our discussion will be guided by your unique health needs. The information gathered will provide the foundation of your custom nutrition plan. You will be asked to submit a 3 day diet diary and in depth nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire in advance of this session.

Session 2 You will be given a report of findings based on your submitted information and our discussions in session 1. You will also receive an action plan that provides realistic and specific guidance to improve your nutrition, health and quality of life, along with a holistic nutrition menu plan that includes recipes and grocery shopping lists.

Each session includes:

  • Information Fact Sheets that detail our session discussions, and assist you in reaching your health goals.

  •  Recipes that reinforce your commitment to healthy living. All recipes include nutrient breakdowns and grocery shopping lists


Nutrition Essentials

This comprehensive program provides you with the essential information you need to make healthy nutrition decisions on a daily basis.  Over 8 sessions we take a deep dive into the Sustainable Diet Guidelines (SDG’s) that will assist you in navigating the relentless and ever changing world of food marketing, and provide you with the information you need to take control of your health. This program also provides lifestyle tools that complement and enhance a well-balanced life. Make a wise investment, an investment in your health! This program includes:


Eight 45-minute sessions that will provide you with the tools you need to live a healthy life.


  • Session 1 Nutrition Basics – understanding the fundamentals of sound nutrition

  • Session 2 A Strong Foundation – build your diet around fresh plant based foods, nuts and seeds, legumes, healthy fats  and fluids.

  • Session 3 Support Your Foundation – whole grains, fermented foods, spices and animal based proteins

  • Session 4  Understanding Supplements – their supporting role in your health

  • Session 5 Foods to Limit or Avoid – a look at foods that can take a toll on your health

  • Session 6 Complements to a Healthy Life – how sleep, exercise and gratitude create well-being

  • Session 7 Creating Healthy Meals and Snacks – putting together a menu that works for you

  • Session 8 Making it All Work – kitchen essentials list, cupboard clearing, meal planning and batch cooking


 Each session includes:

  • Information Fact Sheets that detail our session discussions, and assist you in reaching your health goals

  • Recipes that reinforce your commitment to healthy living.


       Bring an additional family member for $100

Hol Nut Hourly Rates

Additional Consulting Session Rates

Additional sessions will be scheduled as needed at the following rates.​

  • 30 minutes -  $75

  • 45 minutes -  $100

  • 60 minutes -  $125 


All prices include HST

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